Thursday, 5 November 2009

Things keep getting better and better

After wining the Stephen Webster ring — which I'm still not over, I got another surprise. On Monday morning after a depressed weekend of me thinking if college is really my thing, I got some work back from my sociology teacher..*drum roll* I got an A! The 3 hours it took me to do paid of! I was so pleased because in my old school I was practically falling. I know it's only a mark and most probably wont even go on my report, but I was so proud of my self! Sounding cheesy here I was starting to think of what I could treat my self to; the book dear john? Some big eyelashes? Would only be something small. But I soon changed my mind. After sociology I then went into my religion lecture, my work that I done the previous 2 nights had me up till 3 and I have to get up at 6! Had also got an A! So... in my 3 hour break I went to Topshop oxford street, which I haven't been in for a while because how much of a rip off I think it is I was actually surprised to see so much I wanted! After many indecisive hours in the changing room I ended up buying my self: a vintage leather skirt, tweed over sized blazer, harem trousers and 2 vintage scarfs and want to go back for more!

Off to watch the EMA's and comment on what everyone is wearing knowing me! Ha!

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