Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fashion for a good cause!

In my asos monthly magazine I found a ring I loved! It was a mosquito designed by Stephen Webster with all the proceeds going to raising awareness of malaria and help those infected, I told my self to not look at it until I could afford it… unfortunately when that time came it sold out *sad face*.I searched the net and found that the charity MALARIA NO MORE was running a competition to win the ring. When I entered the comp I didn't even think I would win because I'm such an unlucky person!(who managed to drop her iphone down the toilet, get half of her eyebrow waxed of, fell down the stairs and broke her arm — all in one day.)I soon forgot about the whole thing and didn't even realise that I'd won! Well my ring arrived yesterday I LOVE IT! The amount of times I have thanked malaria no more they must think Im a bit odd, but the thing is I've never won anything before!

Once again thank-you malaria no more! Hehe! Xox

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