Monday, 16 November 2009

Get over it. Please.

Don't think that because I'm saying this I hate twighlight! I don't but I just hate the whole hysteria surrounding it especially Edward Cullen - played by gorgeous Robert Pattison. I don't doubt how gorgeous and dreamy he is, but I think the Twighlight fans are going a bit to far. Poor Robert was mobbed and practically attacked in the street the other month and at the "secret" premier of New moon (which I'm so pissed that they didn't let people know about) fans where scratching him to get blood. WHAT THE FUCK! He is not a vampire, he simply plays a vampire.. It annoys me that fans like those most probably making him regret taking the whole Twighlight part. Get over yourselves he is not going to marry you! you are half his age.

Anyway.. Going to see New moon this Sunday! I refuse to go the night it comes out, or the day after or the day after that because there will be to many screaming girls! The films are genuinely good i honestly don't care what actors has there top off - even though are hot! FINISHED MY VENTING! haha night off to do more essays on religion and ugh! xxxxxx mwah

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