Monday, 16 November 2009

Get over it. Please.

Don't think that because I'm saying this I hate twighlight! I don't but I just hate the whole hysteria surrounding it especially Edward Cullen - played by gorgeous Robert Pattison. I don't doubt how gorgeous and dreamy he is, but I think the Twighlight fans are going a bit to far. Poor Robert was mobbed and practically attacked in the street the other month and at the "secret" premier of New moon (which I'm so pissed that they didn't let people know about) fans where scratching him to get blood. WHAT THE FUCK! He is not a vampire, he simply plays a vampire.. It annoys me that fans like those most probably making him regret taking the whole Twighlight part. Get over yourselves he is not going to marry you! you are half his age.

Anyway.. Going to see New moon this Sunday! I refuse to go the night it comes out, or the day after or the day after that because there will be to many screaming girls! The films are genuinely good i honestly don't care what actors has there top off - even though are hot! FINISHED MY VENTING! haha night off to do more essays on religion and ugh! xxxxxx mwah

Sorry for my no blogging recently I have been so busy!
I got two sociology essays back the other day.. I got an A! So I treated my self to a couple of rings of of eBay:


Thursday, 5 November 2009


I love tattoos! The more the better! And I've finally decided on getting a one this isn't the exact design but you get the idea:

Fashion for a good cause!

In my asos monthly magazine I found a ring I loved! It was a mosquito designed by Stephen Webster with all the proceeds going to raising awareness of malaria and help those infected, I told my self to not look at it until I could afford it… unfortunately when that time came it sold out *sad face*.I searched the net and found that the charity MALARIA NO MORE was running a competition to win the ring. When I entered the comp I didn't even think I would win because I'm such an unlucky person!(who managed to drop her iphone down the toilet, get half of her eyebrow waxed of, fell down the stairs and broke her arm — all in one day.)I soon forgot about the whole thing and didn't even realise that I'd won! Well my ring arrived yesterday I LOVE IT! The amount of times I have thanked malaria no more they must think Im a bit odd, but the thing is I've never won anything before!

Once again thank-you malaria no more! Hehe! Xox

Things keep getting better and better

After wining the Stephen Webster ring — which I'm still not over, I got another surprise. On Monday morning after a depressed weekend of me thinking if college is really my thing, I got some work back from my sociology teacher..*drum roll* I got an A! The 3 hours it took me to do paid of! I was so pleased because in my old school I was practically falling. I know it's only a mark and most probably wont even go on my report, but I was so proud of my self! Sounding cheesy here I was starting to think of what I could treat my self to; the book dear john? Some big eyelashes? Would only be something small. But I soon changed my mind. After sociology I then went into my religion lecture, my work that I done the previous 2 nights had me up till 3 and I have to get up at 6! Had also got an A! So... in my 3 hour break I went to Topshop oxford street, which I haven't been in for a while because how much of a rip off I think it is I was actually surprised to see so much I wanted! After many indecisive hours in the changing room I ended up buying my self: a vintage leather skirt, tweed over sized blazer, harem trousers and 2 vintage scarfs and want to go back for more!

Off to watch the EMA's and comment on what everyone is wearing knowing me! Ha!